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It's more than just a haircut.

347 S Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80246

For Us, It's More than Just a Haircut

Here at Men’s Escape Barbershop, running a “full-service” shop means much more than simply providing a great haircut. We believe a haircut should be a ritual—a nostalgic experience that takes you back to a simpler time.

From the cozy, comfortable barber chairs to our relaxing old-fashioned hot lather and sharp straight-edge razor shaves and luxurious facial treatments…

Men’s Escape Barbershop sets the standard for what a barber shop should be—simple, comfortable, and consistent.

Service Beyond Expectation

All of our services include a straight razor neck shave (hot or cold towel), aftershave, and a relaxing shoulder massage, depending on your preferences. If requested, we offer eyebrow and ear hair trimming as well.

Whatever cut and shave you’ve envisioned, we can make it happen—our #1 focus is tailoring every haircut to your needs.

The Escape Haircut

The Men’s Escape gold standard—if you’re new to the shop, The Escape Haircut is a good place to start. It includes all of the complimentary services we mentioned earlier, and it allows us to get to know you (and your haircut preferences) better.

The Clean Escape

Our standard Escape Haircut with a beard clean-up.

The Grand Escape

The same amazing haircut service with an additional full face shave or beard shape up included with precision neck and cheek lineup. Perfect for looking your best throughout the day.

The Ultimate Escape Facial Shave and Haircut

Get the best of everything—our Ultimate Escape package includes the same, high-quality haircut and shave we’re known for with an additional facial to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. After your shave, we’ll apply a facial mask (of your choosing) that reduces wrinkles, cleans your pores, and removes blackheads naturally. While your facial mask settles, relax with a shoulder, arm, and chest massage. We’ll wipe the mask away with a warm towel, clean up your shave with a cocoa butter cream, and apply aftershave so you can leave the shop feeling confident, clean, and refreshed.

Buzz Cut

One number buzz cut with a natural taper up the back of the neck, straight razor clean-up included.

The Facial

Choose from a variety of facial masks that reduce wrinkles, clean up your pores, remove blackheads, and leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, and rejuvenated. While the mask is settling in, our barbers can provide shoulder, arm, and chest massages. After the mask settles we’ll wipe it away with a warm towel and moisturize your face with a cucumber hydrating cream to seal off the pores keeping your skin protected from dirt, dust, and germs.

Straight Shave / Beard Trim Line Up

Get a professional shave that’ll leave your skin smooth and revitalized. Or beard trim includes a precision neck and cheek lineup. We use a professional-grade shaving cream that numbs the pores and stands your hairs upright for an outstanding straight razor shave. We’ll apply hot or cold towels of your choosing to reduce irritation and improve hydration. Finally, we apply a natural cocoa butter cream against the grain to make sure every hair has been removed.

Head Shave

We use a professional-grade shaving cream that numbs the pores to allow the hairs to stand straight up for a close straight razor shave without any nicks or cuts. We’ll provide hot or cold towels to reduce irritation and keep your scalp moisturized. Last but not least, we’ll apply a cocoa butter cream against the grain of your facial hair. This ensures we didn’t miss any stragglers so you can stay “shave-free” for days.

Razor Fade

A taper cut where the hair is saved and the sides and back of the head. This cut makes it stand out from a classic undercut style because it features completely shaved sides instead of a gradient.


scalp massage

Head massage designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation. Massage that is localized to the head, behind the ears and back of the neck.


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What Clients Say

Anthony Weigand
Anthony Weigand
Michael is amazing, as always. He puts maximum effort into the haircut every time!
Alex Dove
Alex Dove
Michael has been cutting my hair for over a year and crushes every time. Don't look any further than Men's Escape - awesome place!!
Brandon Van Horn
Brandon Van Horn
My dude Michael gave me the best fade I’ve had in years. Top notch
Rafael Sanchez
Rafael Sanchez
This is the best barbershop I’ve seen in Denver with impeccable service! Michael is a perfectionist, and I can always count on him for the exact cut I’m looking for. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!!
Shawn Hall
Shawn Hall
My man Mike hooks it all the way up. I walk in looking like an old haggard bum and I walk out looking like a boss. Thanks Mike! btw the beard got extra compliments today.
Rend Shone
Rend Shone
In Denver from out of town on an ever extending trip and needed a haircut. Checked multiple places and reviews and Escape was consistently great. Glad I gave them a try! Super easy scheduling online, quick to be in the barber chair and out in 20 minutes with the full cut and personal treatment without being rushed. Top notch place, wish they were in my home town.
Robert Willis
Robert Willis
This barbershop is clean, and provides several amenities while waiting, walk-ins are welcome and the staffs are extremely friendly. I highly recommend either barber to anyone
Glossy Glass
Glossy Glass
never had such a clean cut before i walked out like i had a Ferrari on my head. Great job guys ill be back. btw cool snack bar
Donna Chen
Donna Chen
Michael's work speaks for itself. The shop is a luxury man cave vibe. A spot you can enjoy hanging out in while waiting for a haircut. I would recommend him to any of my family and friends needing a barber. A big thanks, Michael.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin
Mike is excellent at what he does - I didn't have time to visit my local barber in London before I left and it's always risky trying somewhere new, but left very satisfied 💇🏽‍♂️

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